Hope: 7 months

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hope turned 7 months old on August 16! Nothing gets past our detail-oriented baby who loves trying to figure out how things work (especially the buckles on her shoes). She loves looking in the mirror, sitting all by herself, and any accessories mom and dad might be wearing, like glasses or jewelry. She started solids this month and enjoys sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans so far. She's starting to get the hang of her sippy cup and feels like such a big kid sitting in high chairs when we go out! She graduated to size 2 diapers and wears mostly 6 month clothes. Her eyes are still blue and her hair is getting lighter - and she's still toothless. She's started "waving" hi and bye - the cutest. Hope made the big move to Mobile two weeks ago and can't wait to get all of her stuff out of storage soon!! Life is fun with our sweet Hope! But time really, really needs to slow down. 

Practicing standing, with daddy's help

Holding court with her sisters

Put to lunch in Columbia 

Kicking back with a good book

Pattern mixing! 

Last play date with her little bestie in Columbia at the library. 

It wasn't long ago that you despised bath time, little girl! 

First time in a high chair out in a restaurant

Penny and Hope <3

Last day in Columbia, saying goodbye to my coworkers and acting how momma felt :(

Moving day - empty house! Bittersweet! 

On the trip to Mobile - playing at a pit stop

First day as an Alabama resident

First time in the cart at Publix, mommy's favorite place

Red white and blue for the Olympics! 

All dressed up for church 
First solids: sweet potatoes! 

Pajama day! 

Daddy is the best playmate

Mommy and her mini! 

Wear. All. The. Seersucker. 

Getting a handle on that sippy cup

Cool breeze! 

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