Hope: 9 months

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hope is now NINE months old! She is a busy, busy baby: crawling everywhere and pulling up on anything she can reach. She now announces she's done with a nap by standing in her crib and yelling until someone rescues her! She has two teeth and tried a lot of new foods this month, even getting the idea of how to feed herself. She got to spend time with her Mimi and Pop Hamilton AND Kitten and Papa Cook, who all came to Mobile to help us get settled this month. She was reunited with Penny and Ellie after two months apart during the move, and she thinks they are the funniest things ever and likes to steal their toys. She weighs 16 pounds, 3 ounces and is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes. And she is finally (usually) sleeping through the night!  

She is happy, happy, happy: our little burst of joy. 


Hope's MiMi and Pop came to visit (and to help mommy and daddy unpack!)

CRAWLING! September 18

Go Gators! Got her game face on ;)

Two cutest little teeth I've ever seen

Her cow "red check" smock that her great-grandma Reda would have adored

My little clubfoot cutie!

She quickly discovered she could crawl to her toy baskets - and pick out her own toys!

New foods this month: broccoli, spinach, yellow squash, avocado, blueberries, mango (meal time is MESSY)

Wearing mama's vintage smocked dress to church!

Trying out the swing that came with the new house!

Her Kitten and Papa Cook came to visit for a week! 

Reunited with Ellie and Penny and she's in LOVE!!!
Penny isn't as infatuated as she once was with the kiddo - but she definitely still loves her

A rare nap not in her BnB - she just looked so sweet 

9 month photoshoot outtakes!

Hope: 8 months

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hope turned EIGHT months old September 16! This month, she got her first tooth - which is adorable - and started cutting another. This tiny baby is on the move, too: while not crawling forward she can crawl backwards and definitely doesn't stay in one place! She's also trying to pull up. She started MDO one day a week so mama can get some work done. She "waves" hi and bye, blows bubbles with her mouth and makes a sucking fish face which is pretty darn cute. We haven't yet found a food she won't eat, adding peas, bananas, apples and butternut squash to her rotation. We closed on our house in Mobile and she is halfway moved into her new room, which we painted the same color her room was in Columbia. Hope got a great report from her foot doctor in St. Louis - she's right on track in her clubfoot treatment! This little girl continues to amaze us with her resiliency and strength packed into a 15-pound(ish) package. We love watching her grow and meet milestones but wish time would slow just a little bit! 

In St. Louis, getting approved for 18-hour wear in her BNB! Happy day!!!

Trying peas for the first time: not a fan at first, but now she loves them!

Pool days at our short term apartment before we closed. 

Eeking as much wear out of our seersucker before the end of summer. 

This girl loves her feet! 

Now that she's in 18-hour wear, she finally gets to wear other shoes - like these monogrammed slippers that were a gift!

She bought a house! ;)

Mealtime is her favorite. 

Making that adorable little sucking fishy face. It is SO cute! 

Twinning with mommy on her 32nd birthday. 

Love those little feet! 

First day of MDO - September 6

That. Face. 

Cheering on daddy and the team from home as they kicked off their season in Kiawah! 

First little tooth! 

Hope: 7 months

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hope turned 7 months old on August 16! Nothing gets past our detail-oriented baby who loves trying to figure out how things work (especially the buckles on her shoes). She loves looking in the mirror, sitting all by herself, and any accessories mom and dad might be wearing, like glasses or jewelry. She started solids this month and enjoys sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans so far. She's starting to get the hang of her sippy cup and feels like such a big kid sitting in high chairs when we go out! She graduated to size 2 diapers and wears mostly 6 month clothes. Her eyes are still blue and her hair is getting lighter - and she's still toothless. She's started "waving" hi and bye - the cutest. Hope made the big move to Mobile two weeks ago and can't wait to get all of her stuff out of storage soon!! Life is fun with our sweet Hope! But time really, really needs to slow down. 

Practicing standing, with daddy's help

Holding court with her sisters

Put to lunch in Columbia 

Kicking back with a good book

Pattern mixing! 

Last play date with her little bestie in Columbia at the library. 

It wasn't long ago that you despised bath time, little girl! 

First time in a high chair out in a restaurant

Penny and Hope <3

Last day in Columbia, saying goodbye to my coworkers and acting how momma felt :(

Moving day - empty house! Bittersweet! 

On the trip to Mobile - playing at a pit stop

First day as an Alabama resident

First time in the cart at Publix, mommy's favorite place

Red white and blue for the Olympics! 

All dressed up for church 
First solids: sweet potatoes! 

Pajama day! 

Daddy is the best playmate

Mommy and her mini! 

Wear. All. The. Seersucker. 

Getting a handle on that sippy cup

Cool breeze! 

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