Hope: 5 months

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Five months. Already. Incredible. 

This month, Hope spent a few weeks in Okeechobee where she spent lots of time getting loved on by family and friends, took her first dips in the pool and became a pro at lounging poolside in her stroller. She's become a bit of a professional road tripper, also taking a round-trip to Mobile, AL! She has mastered rolling over and now prefers to sleep on her belly with her knees tucked under her (so stinking cute). She's become super vocal and sounds like a baby dinosaur when she shreaks with delight at the sound of her own voice! Hope always seems to have something in her mouth - usually her thumb, fingers or all of the above - and all the drool makes us think a tooth isn't too far away. She enjoys her Bumbo seat and being outside, and experienced her first boat ride. Her little giggle is to die for, and her smile keeps getting bigger and bigger. Hope, you are a delight. 

Road trip to Chobee!

Just a snapshot of those who got to love on her while in Okeechobee. 

She's adjusted well to her boots and bar - after the first few rough nights.

Water baby!

Hope and my bestie's baby girl, who has a baby doll named Baby Hope :)

Memorial Day! 

Getting love from Uncle Louie and Waylon. 

Feet are so much fun!

Getting accustomed to the poolside life in Florida. 

Mom and daughter side-by-side: same wool rug, 31 years apart! 

Bumbo fun time! Looking so grown up. 

In Mobile, where she went on a job interview with mom and dad for daddy's new job!

Dinner out in Mobile.

First boat ride - NOT a fan of life jackets! 

Favorite outfit! 

Getting her BNB on before bed. Even daddy's a pro at putting them on now! 

My little five month old! 

Hope: 4 months

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Four months! I am in denial that my baby is one third of a year old. Life with Hope just keeps getting sweeter and I couldn't be more proud of this strong, brave girl for all she's gone through in four short months! 

This month, she rolled over twice (purely by accident), stayed in the church nursery for the first time and helped me celebrate my first Mother's Day. She took her first big road trip, to St. Louis and back to see one of the world's best club foot doctors - and visited NC, TN, KY and IL along the way. While in St. Louis, she attended her first MLB game, learned how beer is made at the Budweiser brewery and became a pro at eating out. And she has REALLY had her last cast (for real this time) for her foot treatment and is back in her boots and bar, which she hates but I know she'll get used to it. 

She's started having separation anxiety when mama walks out of the room - not as cute as it sounds! The "45 minute intruder" keeps most naps short and sweet but she's still sleeping well at night, even though I reintroduced a 2am feeding to aide in weight gain (yep, I WAKE a sleeping baby every night. Craziness). She loves to stroll in the stroller, cuddle in the mornings and play with anything. 

And her smile: oh, that smile. We love her so much. 

 Strolling as a family! 

She had a Sip and See in Alex's hometown and got to go sans cast and boots and bar! 

My sweet baby! 

Showing off her first set of boots and bar (BnB) before we got recasted in St. Louis. 

Second round of casting, cast #1 (#9 overall)

Sightseeing in our free time! 

First zoo trip at the St. Louis Zoo. 

It's a baby, in a brewery! 

First baseball game: Nationals at Cardinals

We had a lot of time to kill in the hotel for nearly 2 weeks 

Cast #2 (#10 overall) 

Little cheetah 

Strolling the streets of St. Louis became our nightly ritual.


Cast #3 (#11 overall) and prayerfully her last cast ever!! 

Back in Columbia...
My first Mother's Day with the girl who made me a mama! 

She has enough hair for a bow now! First ponytail! 

Sweet baby!

First trip to the cabin in NC

Two generations of friends in Greenville 

It's cast removal day! Pretty happy about it! 

Free feet! Fully corrected! Now on to conquer BNB :) 

We are so proud of you, Hope. You're such a strong little girl! 

Hope: 3 months

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hope is a quarter of a year old already! She's had a BIG month. She celebrated her first St. Patrick's Day and her first Easter; earned her "wings" by flying for the first time (and did great!), and took her first trip to my hometown of Okeechobee, FL where she met her great-grandpa Red and lots of other family members! She her tenotomy surgery for her foot and handled it like a champ, opened up a savings account, and found her thumb which has replaced her pacifier most of the time. Hope started sleeping though the night regularly about two weeks ago (hallelujah!) and is still following a good routine, though naps are not as attractive to her as they once were. She has fallen out of love with the Mamaroo but the Rock and Play continues to satisfy; she despises being bottle fed and made to burp! She's grown out of newborn clothes but most 3 month clothes are still a little big on her petite frame. She coos and oohs and ahhs at us all the time, and makes our hearts swell with all the smiling she does! She is so much fun. Happy 3 months, Hope Annette! 

First St. Pat's!

We love playing dress up at home and staging photo shoots (or maybe that's just mom!)

Hope was so brave for her tenotomy for her club foot! She did so great with fasting beforehand, dealing anesthesia and recovery. It was a very long night spent in the hospital afterward but she did so, so well!

Hope had her first Easter! Love dressing this baby up! 

Easter morning - not impressed with what the Easter bunny brought...

Bonnet baby! 

She discovered her thumb, minimizing the need for her Wubanub at bedtime!

Baby girl had her first flying experience! She barely made a peep the whole time - we were very proud and extremely relieved! 

She took her first trip to my hometown and got to meet my grandpa. Here's 4 generations! 
And no trip to Okeechobee is complete without a family gathering and a stop at the family farm office! 

We were honored to share Hope's story at the Okeechobee Pregnancy Center's fundraiser. So grateful we chose life for this little miracle baby! 

She loves to "talk" to me when she's on the changing table! 

This past week, she got her last cast (hopefully last one ever!) off and got her boots and bar (BNB) on. From here, she will wear her BNB for 23 hours a day for 3 months, then will go to just naps and nighttime. So proud of this brave, string little girl! 

Month by month! 

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