Hope: 8 months

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hope turned EIGHT months old September 16! This month, she got her first tooth - which is adorable - and started cutting another. This tiny baby is on the move, too: while not crawling forward she can crawl backwards and definitely doesn't stay in one place! She's also trying to pull up. She started MDO one day a week so mama can get some work done. She "waves" hi and bye, blows bubbles with her mouth and makes a sucking fish face which is pretty darn cute. We haven't yet found a food she won't eat, adding peas, bananas, apples and butternut squash to her rotation. We closed on our house in Mobile and she is halfway moved into her new room, which we painted the same color her room was in Columbia. Hope got a great report from her foot doctor in St. Louis - she's right on track in her clubfoot treatment! This little girl continues to amaze us with her resiliency and strength packed into a 15-pound(ish) package. We love watching her grow and meet milestones but wish time would slow just a little bit! 

In St. Louis, getting approved for 18-hour wear in her BNB! Happy day!!!

Trying peas for the first time: not a fan at first, but now she loves them!

Pool days at our short term apartment before we closed. 

Eeking as much wear out of our seersucker before the end of summer. 

This girl loves her feet! 

Now that she's in 18-hour wear, she finally gets to wear other shoes - like these monogrammed slippers that were a gift!

She bought a house! ;)

Mealtime is her favorite. 

Making that adorable little sucking fishy face. It is SO cute! 

Twinning with mommy on her 32nd birthday. 

Love those little feet! 

First day of MDO - September 6

That. Face. 

Cheering on daddy and the team from home as they kicked off their season in Kiawah! 

First little tooth! 

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