It's Friday! Florida, here I come!

Friday, March 7, 2014

I am SO very happy to see Friday roll around. What. A. Week. Between running out of gas and thinking it was Thursday for the majority of Wednesday, our old friend Friday couldn't get here fast enough. But there are always good things to be jazzed about, and this week was no exception!

One. Last Friday (before Essentials Only Month kicked in), I hit up my favorite retail therapist, a Ms. TJ Maxx, after work. I'm glad I did, because I got a Christmas pillow (my future self will thank me!), 4 linen and silver placemats, Matrix straightening balm, and a reed diffuser for a grand total of $11.77. And that's why me and Maxxy are tight.

Two. Sunday afternoon was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, before the weather took a turn for the worse this week. I played outside with Ellie and read a book while Penny just sat and stared at us through the door. See, she's not allowed to play out there anymore since she escaped out of the back yard a few weeks ago. Twice. Sorry, Penn. You've lost your privileges!

Three. Also on Sunday, as part of the Essentials Only Month perk of cleaning out the freezer, I cooked a whole turkey. I bought it back in December when they were on sale, and who the heck knows when else I would have taken the time to cook a whole dang bird. It's special because it was my very first turkey and it was AWESOME. I think I could handle Thanksgiving now, guys. We also had mini strawberry shortcakes since it's strawberry season and they're super cheap right now! 
Four. I got to see my Gator boys play basketball in Columbia on Tuesday! And not just any 'ole Gator basketball team: the #1 team in the country, baby! Since hubby's a Gamecock and USC pays our bills, I kept my Gator pride on the DL (except for the tasteful orange and blue I wore to the game). It was just so much fun to see them in action!

Five. I'm heading to Florida today! Not only am I lusting over the perfect 75 degree, no precipitation weather, but I will get to see my besties and my entire family this weekend! The real reason I'm going is this guy: my grandpa. It's his 90th birthday, and he is one special man. He must be, because we're expecting about 500 people to come to his birthday party on Sunday!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. So proud of the Gator boys! They are killing it right now!

    Also, good job on the turkey :)


  2. Hi from the linkup, beauty! You had me at southern...and Penny. SO DARN CUTE!!!!! Even if she didn't get to play outside. :) Bless!!

    Excited to follow along now! YAY! Cheers, darling!!! xx


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