2015: make it count!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I'm not sure of the last time I've been so happy to bid farewell to a year! While 2014 certainly wasn't all bad, the last few months of it were tough and trying and full of lessons. Through it all, I know I have been blessed beyond measure in more ways to count. I also know that God has a very specific and perfect plan for my life, and that my plan doesn't always match God's (an ongoing struggle for me to remember and accept as a self-proclaimed control freak). 

It's not surprising that I am incredibly excited to see 2015 arrive! I always have high hopes for a new year and see every New Year's Day as a new beginning. While I have some very specific goals for this year, I ultimately know that what I want and plan for my life isn't entirely in my control. I do, however, want to make it count and enjoy the small things along the way that together add up to one amazing life. I also know that God promises that the best is yet to come - a very inspiring and uplifting thought for this New Year's Day. 

Happy 2015!

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