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Friday, February 6, 2015

What a week! I feel like death warmed over right now. The hubs brought a sickness into our home earlier in the week and I was hoping to escape it. But yesterday in the middle of an all-day work event, I felt that telltale tickle in the back of my throat. Now I'm pounding the OJ and Airborne but I think it's too late. Hopefully this thing will not ruin my weekend! 

One. Last weekend, I reorganized my tops using a trick I've always wanted to try: hanging items backwards until you wear them, then hanging them back up normally in order to see what you did and didn't wear over a given time period. I started this on February 1 and I'm going to give it to April 1, at which time I'll probably be switching everything out for spring anyway. I bet I'll be surprised at how many things I didn't wear over 2 months! Which will tell me what to get rid of. So cleansing! 

Two. We gave the girls new collars for Christmas and recently swapped out their old ones for the new ones. I love them they look like bowties instead of bows?? I had this moment of "Oh crap! Did I buy BOY collars??" Ha! Anyway, theyre still cute and the black and white is so posh on my little lovelies. 

Three. I had a work event for one of my clients yesterday in Charleston and it was on a boat. Yes. On a boat. A meeting, panel discussion, tour of the Port and then...a booze cruise. It was awesome. The sunlight was gorgeous and it was so nice to be out on the water! 

Four. I am so happy to report that I am making progress of my overall goal for 2015 - "Stress less, relax more" - by hiring a housecleaner!!! **Happy Dance** I came home on Wednesday to a sparkling home that smelled amazing and I wasn't the one who cleaned it. This was the first time I've ever hired a cleaner and it was worth every dime. Plus, she is a super nice person whom the pups love :) She'll be coming once a month. I can already tell this is going to be a very smart investment. 

Five. Alex gave me Bean Boots for Christmas, but apparently thousands of other people gave them as gifts too because Bean Boots were so ridiculously popular this year, there's a huge backorder. Alex knew they were backordered (until March!) when he ordered them (in December!). But the Best Customer Service award goes to LLBean, who sent us this teeny, tiny, cutest-thing-I-ever-did-see Bean Boot with a letter explaining that they appreciated our patience while they worked to produce my boots. How great is that?! Customer for life right here! 

That's all, folks. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that I don't spend mine on the couch in sickness!


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