Keep it coming, love! (Don't stop it now, don't stop it no)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Keep it coming, love! Keep it coming, love!
Don't stop it now, don't stop it, no, don't stop it now, don't stop!

Don't know about all my Lilly ladies out there, but i can't get this song outta my head since first seeing the Lilly for Target tv spot earlier this week! Who else is dreaming of affordable Lilly? And who else is slightly freaking out about the possibility of a sellout in like 5 minutes? Better get your game faces on, ladies. 

Here's my list of must-haves from the Lilly for Target collection!

One. See Ya Later shift, $38
I love that they chose a gator print for this collab! As a Gator girl, Lilly's gator prints are a collector's item for me. This is my #1 must get and I will be super sad if I can't get one! (Or have to pay a scalper on eBay)

Two. Swimsuits, $24-40
I love these three suits. I'll be honest: I haven't purchased a one piece since probably middle school. But these are adorable. If I can, I'm going to get more than one since I can't make up my mind anyway (you can always return...but beware, there's only a 14-day return window for Lilly for Target!) 

Three. Shoes, $30-38
Love these pineapple sandals and the gold wedges. I have a few pairs of Lilly shoes and love them all, so I'm hoping these will be similar! 

Four. Nosey Posie canvas shopping tote, $15
A Lilly tote for under $20? Yes please ma'am. 

Five. Throw pillows, $25
Husband's just gonna have to deal with some pink. These are so cute for spring and summer, and y'all know how I feel about throw pillows! 

So what's my strategy? I've heard the online store will be up around 3am Sunday morning, so I plan to setting my alarm for about that time (there's no way I can stay up until then!). Then I want to head into my local Target early Sunday to check out the other pieces in person - or fight for the items I want if I don't get them online! 

Best of luck, ladies! Can't wait to see everyone's haul! 


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