It's a Friday in the summer - what more could you want?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Whew, another week down! I'm still lucky enough to not be working on Fridays, which has been lifechanging. It is so nice to wake up on Friday morning and not do anything other than think about what errands I need to run, what household tasks I need to do, or what show on Netflix I'm going to watch next. But enough bragging ;)

We got our foundation fixed last week and lemme tell ya, the cost is NOT one of the things I'm happy about this Friday! However, the fact that the two doors to our two guest bedrooms easily open and close might have been worth the exorbitant cost. Or at least half of it. No more sticking doors!! And the house doesn't sound like a giant is walking across the floor anymore, either. Still - sometimes being an adult is hard. There are a lot of other things I'd have liked to spend that money on!

Figs, figs everywhere! Our tree is exploding with tiny ripe fruit. I'm sharing with neighbors, coworkers and friends as fast as I can before they all fall off! 

My mom sent me the BEST care package of gluten free goodies this week!  (Gotta love Amazon PrimePantry!). Crackers, wannabe pop tarts, cake and brownie mixes, mac and cheese, pasta - you name it! She is the best :) 

I just love heckling out library books! There's something's very old school about it, and I love the way a plastic-wrapped hardback creaks when you open it. Diving into and old classic and a new find this week! Go Set A Watchman is next! 

Getting ready for another girls weekend this weekend and this is just a portion of the food and bevvies I'm bringing. There is never a shortage of food on a girls' weekend!  Looking forward to a weekend of laughs, catching up and lotsa good with some good girlfriends! 

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  1. I love getting books from the library!! Wish I was better about returning them/ avoiding late fees :) That's so sweet of your Mom to send that care package! I completely understand about spending money on grown up things like house fixes lol never fun!

  2. I love the library as well. I reserve books from there so often that they have designated a special basket with my name on it!

    What a lovely care package from your mother. How thoughtful!


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