Hope: 1 month

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hope is one month old today! I can't believe I became a mommy a month ago. What a crazy roller coaster of emotions this little girl has brought into our lives: from the pure joy and relief of her first breath, to tears shed over nursing (it's hard, y'all!), to laughter and amusement at her many facial expressions. She is a delight and my dream come true. 

Highlights from her first month:
She was discharged from the NICU so she could go home from the hospital the same time as mommy! 

She met her sisters Penny and Ellie - and Penny won't leave her side! 

She conquered the bili light and jaundice by the time she was 9 days old! 

She had her first bath and is learning to like it...sort of.

She took her first outing (other than doctors' visits) to Target, naturally (fastest Target run ever.)

She can hold her head up very well and looks around a lot. 

She's spent lots of time with all her grandparents. 

She met her great-grandparents who made a special trip from FL to see her. 

She met her Aunt Lesley and other friends who came to see her. 

She can sleep up to five hours at a time at night (though not often!) and already sleeps in her crib in her room. And she had a love/hate relationship with swaddling!

She's a good eater and loves to nurse! She surpassed her birth weight at about 10 days old. 

She is starting to enjoy some of her toys but does not love tummy time!

She got her first cast on and off and now has her second cast as part of the treatment for her club foot. It doesn't faze her a bit! 

She can bring her hands together and is starting to use them more and more. 

She smiled (while awake) for the first time at her mommy on 2/13/16.

She celebrated her first Valentine's Day! 

If this month is any indication of how fast time will fly from here on out, it's terrifying but exciting. Love you so much baby girl: watching you grow each day is a joy and a privelege. 

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