Hope: 5 months

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Five months. Already. Incredible. 

This month, Hope spent a few weeks in Okeechobee where she spent lots of time getting loved on by family and friends, took her first dips in the pool and became a pro at lounging poolside in her stroller. She's become a bit of a professional road tripper, also taking a round-trip to Mobile, AL! She has mastered rolling over and now prefers to sleep on her belly with her knees tucked under her (so stinking cute). She's become super vocal and sounds like a baby dinosaur when she shreaks with delight at the sound of her own voice! Hope always seems to have something in her mouth - usually her thumb, fingers or all of the above - and all the drool makes us think a tooth isn't too far away. She enjoys her Bumbo seat and being outside, and experienced her first boat ride. Her little giggle is to die for, and her smile keeps getting bigger and bigger. Hope, you are a delight. 

Road trip to Chobee!

Just a snapshot of those who got to love on her while in Okeechobee. 

She's adjusted well to her boots and bar - after the first few rough nights.

Water baby!

Hope and my bestie's baby girl, who has a baby doll named Baby Hope :)

Memorial Day! 

Getting love from Uncle Louie and Waylon. 

Feet are so much fun!

Getting accustomed to the poolside life in Florida. 

Mom and daughter side-by-side: same wool rug, 31 years apart! 

Bumbo fun time! Looking so grown up. 

In Mobile, where she went on a job interview with mom and dad for daddy's new job!

Dinner out in Mobile.

First boat ride - NOT a fan of life jackets! 

Favorite outfit! 

Getting her BNB on before bed. Even daddy's a pro at putting them on now! 

My little five month old! 

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