200 days

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We have been married for 200 days! While this might not be a typical milestone, it's significant: our wedding was more than half a year ago...and if my math's correct, that means we're less than 6 months from celebrating our first anniversary and busting into our frozen wedding cake.

I remember when there were 200 days to go until our wedding day (thanks, The Knot!) and how that seemed both impossibly far and frightfully close, with all the things I needed to plan, order, create and decide in those 200 days racing through my mind. Now wedding planning seems like another life, a blur of flower selections, dress fittings and cake tastings, even though it was technically only 201 days ago that it ended. 
Each day, I thank God that He brought me to the wonderful man who became my husband 200 days ago. Alex and I often say to each other, "I love our life." And it's true. I love the life that we have. I look forward to hundreds upon hundreds more days in this life together.

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