I've got bread and milk: I'm all set!

Monday, January 27, 2014

It's supposed to snow here tomorrow. In "Famously Hot" Columbia, South Carolina.

And in the South when there is a chance of snow in the forecast, crazy things happen.

The schools shut down for 2 days. Local government closes. Don't even try to buy starter logs for the fire because, Lord knows, Publix, Walgreens, and everywhere else will be sold out. I know, because I tried.

I made the mistake of thinking "Oh, I'll pick up some bread and wood on my way home..."

Yeah, I should have thought that one over. Because I walked into the middle of a First World crisis. The only time I've seen similar is when I lived in Florida and a Category 3 or stronger Hurricane was headed directly toward my town (for the record: a chance of snow is much more fun than a chance of damaging winds, torrential rain, and the certainty of losing power for 3 days). People weren't just going in for the essentials. They were buying everything they could fit in, on and under their carts. Madness, I tell you.

It was a negative on the starter logs, but I did get my loaf of bread. Barely. The pickins were slim. I ended up with a low-calorie loaf that has an expiration date of Jan. 30.

Whatevs - I have the essentials. I'm ready to brace for Winter Storm Leon!

And just my Northern friends don't think we're completely overreacting: the South goes crazy because we have no means to prepare for snow or ice, or to deal with the aftermath. No plows, limited salting, and people (myself included) have no idea how to drive in it. But we also appreciate the snow a lot more because it is so rare. Bring on those Snow Days!


  1. Haha I miss being in SC just because of this!! My job here in Boston won't even shut down for over a foot of snow!! Stay warm!

  2. Hahahah...have fun, stay warm, and enjoy the crazies!!


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