What South Carolinians do when it snows

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We woke up to a winter wonderland in South Carolina this morning - and it was awesome. This only happens once every few years, so we get a little excited.

Today, in celebration, we did a number of clich├ęs that folks who never get snow tend to do. Except we did not make a snowman. I know, that surprises me, too.

This is what people across the South did today (and every time it snows):

1. They play with their dogs like never before. 
Oh look! It's a ball! In the snow! SO much more fun!!

It was Ellie's first snow

Can Penny rock pink camo or what??

2. They make snow cream at 7:45 am.
Because there is a good chance that the snow will melt before lunch. 

3. They write love notes on their cars.
It's like a free billboard. 

4. They drink hot chocolate in lieu of coffee.
It just feels right. 

5. They build a fire immediately in case the power goes out.
A legit concern, I suppose. 

6. If they have to work from home, they open the blinds in the home office to take in the winter wonderland prettiness all day (i.e. stare at the snow). 

7. They take pictures of their house.
And promptly post it on IG and FB. 

Guilty as charged.

Today was a fun one  - even if I did have to work (thank the Lord I didn't have to attempt to drive and could work from the safety of my home! Ha!)

And for the record, at 8:21 PM, we still have snow on the ground. 

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