Friday Five!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Short week or not, Friday is always a welcome sight!

One. Warning: random rant ahead! So my cell's area code is 863 - the area code of my hometown. Apparently this confuses people, primarily clients, since the 3 main area codes in South Carolina are 864, 803, and 843. However, I assure you, my cell number is NOT a typo! My number is correct on my business cards, email signature, and everywhere else - promise! It really is an 863 area code! I'm ranting because apparently, the poor people who have my number in the 864 and 803 area codes have been called multiple times by people looking for me, and I've been told that these folks are NOT too happy to be getting my calls all the time. I feel like I should call them and tell them it's not my fault they keep getting calls for me! How would that convo go? "Um, hi, this is Kristin, the person you keep getting calls for??" Ha! What do you think - should I call them?? 

Two. Let me preface this by saying that I don't have a green thumb, or even a green finger for that matter. Maybe a green pinkie toe if I'm lucky. But I have this itch to do something with our backyard. I feel like it's a big blank canvas just waiting for some color (preferably done by someone who won't kill it immediately). We've been talking about building a firepit and laying sod - I would really love to do that and more this summer. We'll see what we get around to and what our wallet can handle. 

Three.  I'm loving this artwork that I finally hung in the front living room. I deliberated over what I should hang on this large wall above the couch. When I found these pretty matted frames at Michael's on clearance for $11 each, I grabbed three, thinking I'd use them for photos. But instead, I decided to get crafty and create some custom art that matches the room. Full room pics are coming soon!

Four. Now that Memorial Day is over, summer is in full swing! We have a few little weekend trips planned for the summer, but I gotta be honest: the travel bug is biting. I keep thinking about our amazing trip to Italy last year and I really want to go to Europe again! It's doubtful that we can pull that off so late in the game this year, but one can dream. 

Five. My hubby is HOME! After 16 long days away, I'm so glad to have him back. I just missed him so much. Looking forward to spending a weekend with him without too much on the schedule! 

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