Memorial Day in the mountains: views, drinks, shopping, laughter

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nothing like getting back to it after a long weekend, right?! So hard to get things going!

My Memorial Day weekend was, to be honest, much more fun than I thought it was going to be just a few days before it began! Alex has been gone for two weeks - YUCK - for the end of the NCAA golf season, so I was planning to head to mom's cabin and just chill up there with her and my stepdad. Nothing wrong with that scenario...I was just planning on a slow, relaxing weekend. And then my bestie Lindsey from Florida told me she was taking a spontaneous trip to see me - and I was all "YES!" And so it was.

We kicked off the weekend with dinner at the historic Grove Park Inn in Asheville with my parents and some of their friends. [Sidebar: Ladies, make your man take you to this place for your next anniversary. Swoon.]

A very nice way to start the weekend!

I mean, our dinner view was okay...
The rest of the weekend was spent outlet shopping, drinking margaritas, hot tubbing, drinking wine, girl talking, and drinking mimosas. It was a really nice escape for Lindsey and a really fun weekend for me! Getting to spend a weekend with my bestie was, well, the BEST. I haven't laughed so hard in a while! 
A good summary of the weekend: chocolate and cheez-its happy hour; chipmunks; my adorable pups; mountain views

Coffee. Happy hour. Hot tub drinks. Repeat. 

Lindsey left on Monday morning to drive back to Florida, so that left me and my pups to hang around the house, lay out in the backyard, get started on my next book for book club (The Burgess Boys), and watch my hubby on the Golf Channel, doing his thang coaching at NCAAs. 

Ellie, my travel buddy!
Not pictured: the 4-pounder who claims the whole passenger seat for herself.

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family and friends - and remembered those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!


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