Falling for autumn

Friday, October 24, 2014

I know, I know. I'm late to the "I love Fall" party and I've all but disappeared over the last few weeks. What can I say: I've been busy! 

Now that it's nearly Halloween, I figured I'd better share my Fall decorations before it's time to bust out the Christmas boxes. Last year, I did very minimal decorating for Fall, since we moved into our house last August. Because we'd just unpacked all the normal decor and gotten that situated, I didn't want to take it all down and decorate for fall. So I was soooo excited to get out ALL of my fall stuff this year, some of which I haven't seen since fall of 2012! 

ONE. Living Room
I took down most of my everyday decor and replaced with autumnal lovelies. Those little raffia pumpkins are some of my absolutely favorite decorations: my mom gave them to me years ago when I was in college, and she'd had them for years then! I made the bunting a few years ago, and I love how it looks on our mantle in this house. 
mantle decor + bunting
pumpkins in the fireplace (because it will be awhile before we light a fire in there!)
new pillows! I made the orange pillow covers to fit my Pottery Barn inserts

TWO. Dining Room
We don't eat in our dining room much, which is one reason I can set the table like this and it won't get messed up very often! 
burlap + candles + pinecones/leaves
just a few leaves on the mantle add some fall color

THREE. Front Door
The front door is probably my favorite thing to decorate seasonally. I made the burlap wreath a few months ago and had planned to swap it for a fall wreath, but I thought it looked so cute with the fall stuff that it stayed. And what's fall without mums and pumpkins on the doorstep, amiright? 
love coming home to this! 
burlap for the win 
FOUR. Kitchen
I keep things simple in the kitchen: a few candles, candy corn, fall dish towels, and a leaf-shaped candy dish (that I shouldn't fill, EVER, because I'll eat it all). 

candles and candy corn on the island
FIVE. Back Door
We don't really use the front door, so I had to do something at the back door to greet us with fall fanfare when we come home. I'll trade out the Halloween door hanger after the 31st for a grapevine wreath with fall leaves. 
protected by CPI Security and Ellie :)

In addition to this stuff, we have a few more decorations scattered throughout the house (and enough pumpkin candles to make it smell like Thanksgiving). Happy fall, y'all.


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