Merry monograms!

Monday, November 24, 2014

As a good Southern girl, I was raised to appreciate the perfectly-sweetened pitcher of tea, dainty smocked dresses on little girls, hunting on holidays (or at least tolerating it when the men hunt on holidays), and of course, monograms.

The best thing about a monogram? It's uniquely yours. Sure, someone else has it too, but you probably don't know anyone off the top of your head who has your exact monogram. The second best thing about monograms? There's no "season" for them - you can wear them year-round.

I'm starting to think about Christmas gifts...and naturally, monograms come to mind. Even if it's something small, giving a monogrammed gift means you really thought about it (because there's no ready-made monogram store that I'm aware of and because there are 17,576 combinations of 3-letter monograms. That's a lot.) And every lady - and some gents - in your life can appreciate a monogrammed gift.

One gift I'm considering gifting to my mom, MIL, step-mom and besties is this cashmere-feel scarf from Marley Lilly. Think about it: you don't have to guess the size, you can get everyone a different color, and it's sooooo soft. Like seriously luxurious-feeling. It's classy, comfy, $22.99 and one-size-fits-all: so in other words, it's perfect.

If you haven't heard of Marley Lilly, you have got to take a looksie around their site. If it can be monogrammed, I'm pretty sure they have it.

Some other gifts I'm eyeing:

Now keep in mind: Marley Lilly has LOTS of sales and flash sales. I follow them on Instagram @marleylilly to stay on top of their sales and see their newest products. Sometimes they even offer free gifts with purchase (and there's nothing wrong with keeping the free gift for yourself...) I hope this helps you as you make your shopping list - and wish list - this year!

Love and monograms!

A huge thanks to Marley Lilly for sending me this scarf and accepting me into your Blogger Review Program!

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