Five on Friday: almost Turkey Day!

Friday, November 20, 2015

What a week! I am tired, y'all.

Baby gifts are starting to arrive! We've had several gifts arrive this week, since my shower is this weekend in Florida. The nursery and baby girl's closets are filling up fast!

Speaking of the nursery: thanks to the helping hands of my mom, stepdad and brother, we were able to knock out the nursery paint over the weekend! And Alex and my stepdad Dave built her this awesome closet. So excited to fill those rods with sweet little outfits.

Each year as part of my job, my team plans a huge fundraiser with an even huger budget. For the last 2 years, I have been the lead project manager for the event and while it's super fun, it's super stressful. The event was held this past week and it went so great - like the best yet (that I've been there for). My brother was still in town, so he got to see me "in action" and it was special to have both him and the hubs there for support!

My mom and I picked out the glider over the weekend for the nursery - her gift to baby girl! We chose a glider/recliner combo (Alex is very excited about the recliner feature), plus an ottoman because I thought that would be easier with a sleeping babe in my arms. This is the style, but not the color. Can't wait to get it in about 5 weeks!

We are en route to FLORIDA today for a lot of fun stuff: baby shower this weekend, babymoon next week, lots of family time and my favorite holiday! I am so looking forward to turning off my work email for the next 8 days and to R E L A X. Bring on the sunshine!


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