Monthly Challenge for July: Enjoy the Blessings in the midst of Change

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I was doing SO WELL with assigning myself a "monthly challenge" each month up until this month. But honestly, I've had enough challenges thrown at me over the last few weeks that I don't feel so bad about skipping a month of adding an additional challenge to my already full plate!

But when I thought about it, my challenge has been pretty clear: focus on the blessings we have been given during this crazy time.

My postings have been a little scarce lately because of everything that has been happening since May, since the day we found out that Alex got the coaching job and that we would need to sell our home, pack up and move, buy a new home, and find a new job for me in Columbia. Oh and we already had a 9 day trip to Italy planned in the middle of it all (on that note, I promise to have pics up soon!). 

But I want to take a minute to say that, through this intense season of change and all the stress that it's brought, God has provided everything along the way and things have fallen into place. First, Alex got the job fairly quickly, and we didn't have to spend months on end anticipating where we might move. Then, we sold our house immediately and didn't even have to go through the annoyances of showing a house and having it on the market. Then, I interviewed for exactly one job and landed it, and it's a job that will offer the same salary and benefits that I currently have.

And finally, we made an offer on a house last week and they accepted!! Here is a  pic of our future home:

We're just waiting for the results of the inspection to come back (fingers crossed there aren't any major repairs needed). And the best part? Even though we aren't closing until the end of August, the home is vacant so we are able to rent it for a month and move in this weekend (so we don't have to be "homeless" any longer). What a blessing!

More pics and details to come. In the meantime, I will be dreaming about our next home!

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