So long, summer: you were a rollercoaster.

Monday, September 23, 2013

So long, summer.

I am a Fall girl, for sure. But I still enjoy the carefree mindset of summer, when it’s perfectly acceptable to wear sandals to work and have visible tan lines.

However, I may have never been so happy to have summer behind me. This summer was not a bad one – just one full of change, of very high highs and down and dumpy lows.

From the end of May until just the last few weeks, our emotional rollercoaster has gone like this:
  • Alex is the new assistance men’s golf coach at a major SEC school – YEAH!
  • We have to sell our house that we built – SAD
  • We get to look at new houses in Columbia – FUN!
  • I have to quit the job that I love – NOOO!
  • We went on an amazing 8-day trip to Italy – LOVE!
  • We came back and had to pack up our house – UGGGHHHHH
  • I got a job in Columbia after only 1 interview – AWESOME!
  • We moved out of our beloved first home – TEARS
  • But we sold the house before it even officially hit the market – ANSWERED PRAYER!
  • All of our stuff was in storage and we were “homeless” for 3 weeks – ANNOYING
  • We found our second home and made an offer that was accepted – EXCITING!
  • I had to say good-bye to my job and my friends in Greenville in a 24-hour span – MORE TEARS
  • But the next day we got the keys to our new home – YAY!

So yeah – farewell summer. I’m ready to get off this ride now, thanks.

Although the season of fall itself does not signal new beginnings – in fact, it means that the trees and animals are going into hibernation and everything is about to get ugly in the winter – but this fall is about new beginnings for us. It’s about embracing our new city and exploring our new neighborhood. It’s about finding the perfect rug for the dining room and just the right mirror for the mantle. It’s finding new doctors, a vet, a drycleaner, and a monogramming place (priorities).

I’m ready to get out of our season of change and into this glorious season of crisp air, scarves, and pumpkins that renews my spirit every year and is especially appreciated this year. Here’s to Autumn days ahead!

The view this past weekend from my family's place in NC. It won't be long before the leaves at the cabin will be every shade of crimson, rust and gold

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