Why being born on Labor Day is awesome (and also why it's not)

Monday, September 2, 2013

On Labor Day in 1984, I was born. Yep, Mom took the day literally, as the joke in my family goes. That year, Labor Day fell on September 3rd, so tomorrow is my 29th birthday (yeeeeee - how did that happen?!). Of course LD falls on a different day each year, but having a birthday that falls on or close to this day is pretty sweet. Here's why: 

1) It's a national holiday. It might possibly be the most random of national holidays, but it's one that everyone loves. Therefore, I have always had a 3-day weekend to celebrate my birthday. An extra day off from school or from work = happy birthday to me! 

2) The sales. Retailers are always looking for a reason to have "the biggest sale of the season" but LD sales are legit. It's the end of summer AND a holiday weekend. Yummy. 

3) LD weekend is the first full weekend of college football. My 21st fell on a Saturday, so it was the opening Gator game of the year. I celebrated with 90,000 other Gator fans. So. Much. Fun. 

4) It's the end of summer, which means bring on the pumpkin-flavored-and/or-scented everything! And don't forget the candy corn! 

5) You can legitimately get away with wearing white one last time for the season, if you so choose. 

But there are also a few reasons why it can stink:

1) As a kid, you can't have a birthday party on LD weekend. Everyone's at the beach. 

2) As an adult, you can't have a birthday party on LD weekend. Everyone's at the beach. Or a football game.

3) Every restaurant you'd want to dine at in celebration is closed for the long weekend (which is exactly what happened tonight - we found an open place downtown on the 4th try!)

So overall, the goods outweigh the bad. The 3 day weekend alone is worth it. 

I love the fact that I was born on Labor Day. Wouldn't have it any other way. So here's to one last night as a 28 year old! Cheers! 

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