Repurposing Christmas decorations in our new home

Monday, December 16, 2013

You're tired of hearing me lament about moving this summer - I know. Even I'm tired of it.

But a whole new challenge - of the fun variety - presented itself when we got the Christmas decorations of the attic a few weeks ago. All of our decor had been purchased for the house we no longer own: a house that has a much different floorplan and is about 65 years younger than our new house. 

There are the decorating basics that pretty much everyone has: a Christmas tree, stockings, a wreath for the door. Those are easy to transfer to a new space. But the things that were bought specifically because of the features of the old house require a little more creativity. 

1. The Christmas Tree
This was an easy one, although the situation isn't as perfect as it was in our last house. We always get a real tree, and of course, real trees require access to the base for watering. Our old house had a perfect nook for a tree - like, I seriously think this nook was specifically designed for a Christmas tree - in front of a window in the living room. It allowed plenty of room for watering and also for presents to be spread under and around it. 

Our new house is much older, and doesn't have creative little nooks or conveniently-placed electrical outlets every 4 feet. But we made it work, and it looks pretty good!
Advantage: old house

2. The Garland
Our old house was two stories and had a staircase that opened to the foyer, which was perfect for a lighted garland. Our new house is single-story with nary a handrail in sight. But, lucky for me, our new house has three mantles, prime for some Christmas cheer!
Advantage: tie! 


3. The Stockings and Mantle
Our old house had a gas fireplace and a nook for a TV above the mantle, which was convenient and saved us from having to buy another piece of furniture. But our new house wins this category, with a wood-burning fireplace and a brick mantle. I love the character is has, and especially love it all decked out for Christmas!
Advantage: new house



4. The "Fun" Tree
We have a second, smaller tree that has all of our random ornaments on it that we've collected over the years. For example, I used to collect snowmen and I have a lot of really cute snowmen ornaments that don't match the big tree theme, but I love them on our fun tree! These are really the ornaments that mean a lot to us, because they have so many memories.

In our old house, we had a landing upstairs that was in front of a picture window, so you could see the tree from the street. Our new house has a sunroom that has windows on all sides, from which you can also see the tree from the street.
Advantage: Tie!


The bottom line? I love both houses, and our Christmas decorations have made them feel equally jolly and festive. And truly, if you have joy in your heart, the decorations are just icing on the cake!

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