Five on Friday: Furniture, Workouts, GSC, GHD, and EOM

Friday, February 28, 2014

Once again, I'm thankful that Friday is here, though I've had a great week overall. What made my week so great? Apparently, a bunch of acronyms.

One. New couch! It was backordered for a long time, but it was finally delivered last weekend. (Ikea or Pottery Barn? I'll never tell! Ha!) Anyway, getting the couch for our "formal" living room (aka a room that has been empty since we moved in) means that I finally feel our house is full - not done, but getting there. It's a great feeling!

Two. I've been doing Barre 3 workouts for a few weeks now and I'm hooked. They're easy - but really hard. Know what I mean?  I bought them a few weeks back with a Living Social deal and I think they cost $49 for a set of 5 DVDs and a workout ball. That's a lot cheaper than paying $20 a class at Pure Barre. Can I get an amen? Couple these workouts with my running routine in preparation for my first race, and I'm feeling preeeeeety strong.

Three. Girl Scout Cookies. I found some last weekend at a market in town (finally). There's something about those Peanut Butter Patties with their crispiness, creamy peanut butter, and waxy chocolate that takes me back to elementary school every time. And what's a GSC without a glass of milk? #dairyfarmersdaughter

Four.  After much deliberation, internet scouring, and extensive qualitative research with my girlfriends, I broke down and bought a GHD flat iron -- and lemme tell ya, it was a good $150 spent! At least I got 20% off (thanks, Ulta!) and it comes with a 2 year warranty. I can tell that me and GHD, we're gonna be best frans.

Five. Tomorrow starts Essentials Only Month in the Hamilton Household. Watch your back, pantry - I'm starting with you. EVERYTHING MUST GO! J/K - just the things we should eat this month before they expire. And the boxes of brownies I have in there because I have a feeling I'm going to need some chocolate. Even though I won't be able to indulge in my usual weekend shopping for entertainment (which is part of the problem), I'm SO looking forward to getting some projects knocked out around the house and saving some cashola along the way!

That's me in a nutshell. Have a fabulous weekend - and I hope you're having some spring-ish weather, wherever you are!


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  1. I love your blog Kristin! Peanut Butter Patties are one of my many favorite Girl Scout Cookies and I love the "Essentials Only Month", what a great idea! Have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats on the new household addition!! I'm really on the Pure Barre Train and my 5 week unlimited pass is coming to an end - I hope my husband took the hint and got me some classes for my birthday haha! If you ever get bored with those - you should try Tone It Up girls workouts on Youtube! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I feel so silly for not thinking of just buying the barre DVDs and a ball myself, but I have totally been wanting to do a Pure Barre class but not wanting to pay the big bucks for it - thank you for a light bulb moment! Have a great weekend :)


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