Valentine's Day with an Earthquake on top

Saturday, February 15, 2014

We had a pretty quiet Valentine's Day: the day started slowly, as we were just emerging for the first time since the winter storm. Our driveway and the roads were still really icy in the morning, so I went into work a little late. Which gave the hubs and I an opportunity to have a little V-day photo shoot. 

You can't read it, but Penny's shirt says "Little Valentine" <3

He was thrilled, naturally. I told him this was his Valentine's Day gift to me!

After work, we headed down to Aiken, SC where my in-laws live to celebrate Valentine's Day with them and go out on a double date. My how Valentine's has changed from a few years ago when we were dating! It was fun though, and I know they loved getting to spend the evening with us. 

When we got home from dinner, we enjoyed some of the festive cupcakes I made earlier in the week, and were going to go to bed early (Alex had a flight out at 5:30 am for a recruiting trip). I was upstairs getting ready for bed when the floor started to shake. I thought Alex had just slammed door or someone had opened the garage, but it got stronger and the rumbling got louder - so much that an old wind-up music box from Alex's childhood played a few notes! After about 8 seconds, it stopped. I ran downstairs and said "What was that?! Did we just have an earthquake?!" And sure enough, we did! Turns out the center was about 30 miles away from us, in Edgefield, SC. It was a 4.4 on the Richter Scale, so thankfully not major at all but pretty cool to feel. My very first earthquake experience, and on Valentine's Day of all days, in South Carolina of all places. I seriously do not know who ticked off Mother Nature this week, but she is taking out some frustration on South Carolina, y'all! Snow two weeks ago, an ice storm this week, and then an earthquake. Yikes. (Sidenote: perhaps I shouldn't have watched the Day After Tomorrow during the snow days this week. Just sayin'.) 

I hope you enjoyed a lovely Valentine's Day with your sweetheart - with or without the ground moving! 


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