If I had a dime for every flat iron I've broken...[HELP]

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My natural, no-heat hair (with product in it, of course)
Actually, I haven't ever  technically broken a flat iron. I've just "used them up," I guess.

I'm on my second CHI, and it's dying. So I can say with confidence that I really don't think CHIs are the way to go.

A loooooooong time ago, I had a Paul Mitchell iron that I really liked. I've also had a Babyliss that was good. But that was so long ago, before the "technology" improved, and before so many competitors entered the market. Now that I need yet another new flat iron, I am totally confused.

Titanium? Tourmaline? Ceramic? Do I really need it to heat to 40000 degrees? One inch, two inches? Ultra, mega, super, uber...the adjectives go on and on.

I have naturally wavy to curly hair that is medium-fine in texture. I could probably get away with just blow-drying it with a good brush except that I have three lovely cowlicks that like to throw a kink (or 12) into the style. I also need an iron that can create flat iron curls easily (since my CHI currently cannot get hot enough to do that).

What do you have that you love (or what do you have that you would NOT recommend)? I need advice before I drop a good chunk of a paycheck on a new one!

Thanks, dears!

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