Spring is here! {And other good things}

Friday, March 20, 2015

Well hello there, Spring! After lamenting about cold weather, exactly zero snow days (for Columbia, SC anyway) and dreaming of the colors and styles of spring, I think she made her grand entrance this week with a few beautiful days in the 70s and 80s.

Here's what I'm loving this Friday:

ONE. It shouldn't go without saying: today is the first day of SPRING and I'm so excited! Although it's a little chilly and dreary here today, the rest of the weekend looks like it will be nicer. I might even try to get some sun and Vitamin D in the backyard. Looking forward to putting out my sweet little Easter decorations this weekend and maybe even updating my front door container gardens.

TWO. My team and I nailed a huge event we had this week (on St. Patrick's Day) that we've been planning for about 7 months. What a HUGE relief to get that crossed of my list! Plus, all my speakers showed up, the food was tasty, the presentations ran on time, and the attendees were pleased. What more could I ask for? Now on to the next thing!

THREE. Let the Madness begin! My bracket has already been a little busted, but I think most have so there's that. My office has a March Madness pool that includes our significant others, so that keeps things interesting (like we needed another distraction at work). I've got Kentucky, Arizona, Louisville and Duke in my Final Four with Kentucky winning it all.

FOUR. I won this Aveeno gift basket in a raffle at a Junior League dermatology event this week, but I almost won 50 units of Botox. (The raffle drawings on either side of my gift basket were for Botox.) I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be happy or horrified if I'd won the Botox. Honestly. I'm 30 and all I hear is that if I start now, I won't need as much later...the question is, do I want to start at all?? Anyone had Botox yet?

FIVE. I'm two months in to being completely Gluten Free and I'm feeling GREAT! I've been completely off of steroids (taken to calm my Crohn's flare) for about 5 weeks and GF for 8 weeks and so far, no signs of a flare coming - knock on wood. It's been easier than I thought. And I can truthfully say that I have not cheated - not even one little bite of anything that I knew had gluten in it! I'm still looking for easy GF dinner and dessert ideas, so please share if you have any good ones!

Looking forward to a great weekend and enjoying the springtime air!

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