Weekending and GSD

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sometimes, you need a weekend to GSD (get sh-t done). While this wasn't necessarily the most productive weekend I've ever had, I do feel that I crossed a lot of my "to-do but don't want to" list.

My Fridays are now all about errands. I try it do all of my essential errand-running for the week on Friday when the masses are at work. Yoga, meeting the pest control guy, groceries, pharmacy, post office - all that fun stuff. 

Friday night Alex and I had a date night in: he grilled steaks and asparagus, I made GF Mac and cheese, and we had some yummy wine while watching Mockingjay Part 1 (finally). I read the trilogy several years ago so I'm a little fuzzy on the details: was it similar to the book, or did it deviate? All I know is they are milking this Hunger Games franchise for all it's worth. I thought the movie was alright and I'm glad we waited to Redbox it instead of spending a small fortune by going to see it in the theatre. 

Saturday I got up and went to yoga in the morning while A packed up, readying himself for two back-to-back tournaments with the team. I swear I won't see him until April. Okay, not quite, but it feels like it. March is by far the busiest month of the year for collegiate golf which means I'm single-dog-momming it for awhile. 

After Alex left, I decided to work in the yard since the weather was absolutely gorgeous. What was going to be a quick rake turned into practically a backyard overhaul. I guess I was feeling motivated, because I ended up hauling about 15 wheelbarrow loads of leaves and such to the curb and before I knew it, I'd been at it for 3 hours. A warning, ladies: 90 minutes of hot yoga followed by 3 hours of intense yard work will leave you dehydrated. Fortunately we had some Gatorade so I avoided the worst (I know - that was really, really stupid not to drink enough water out there. Lesson learned). 
in case you needed to see my giant pile of  yard trash
After attacking the back yard, the girls and I watched THREE movies on Netflix. Three. In a row. I never, ever sit down and watch movies while doing nothing else and it was quite nice to relax with some wine.
maybe I should say that I watched movies - the girls napped. 

Penny is looking might dapper! Me notsomuch
Sunday was another errand and house stuff day. Like a fool, I'd made an appointment for Penny to be groomed Sunday morning at 9, not even thinking that it would be extra tough to get up because of the time change. So we - Penny and I - struggled to get out of bed and bust it up to PetSmart by 9. I thought I'd hang out near there until she was done because there are a lot of stores in that area. Another poor choice - nothing opens before 11 on Sunday. So instead I spent some quality time with my iPad in Panera.

In the P.M. I sweated my butt off at yoga and was energized after my class so I decided to handwash my car (added incentive: it was warm and sunny! A perfect day).

Sunday evening was spent updating all my clocks in my house - a task that takes 5 minutes but is such a pain, honestly. I was also preparing for the next two work weeks which will be pretty grueling by knocking out some personal to-do's (bills, ordering wedding gifts, etc) so I wouldn't be tempted to do that stuff at work. I love when I get to work on Monday feeling ahead of the game, don't you?


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