Five Lessons Learned in the First Trimester

Friday, August 14, 2015

Praise the Lord, we made it out of the First Trimester! I am now 15 weeks 4 days and feeling great (although I was pretty lucky and didn't feel all that bad even at my roughest). I'm by no means an expert, but I learned a lot in the first trimester.

After 18 months of hoping and praying, seeing that plus sign was euphoric. But I was instantly suspicious. Is this real? Is this really happening? Is it going to "stick"?  For the first several days (maybe even the first few weeks) that I knew I was pregnant but didn't have any symptoms, it was hard to imagine that there was a tiny life inside me. But from what I've read, it's completely normal for it to take awhile for it to really set in that you're pregnant.
Five Weeks: when I was still in a state of disbelief. 

Once the symptoms set it around 6 weeks, I was no longer doubtful that there was a tiny thing in there. I instantly jumped to the next bra size, felt like I was constantly hungover, and was SO TIRED I didn't think I could make it through the work day. But the most frustrating thing was feeling like none of my clothes fit! My boobs had gotten bigger, and although I knew it was wayyy too soon to be showing, my pants were tighter. Apparently, pregnancy bloat is really common and it's to blame for a wardrobe that suddenly feels like it's for a much smaller person. For me, it went away for a few weeks and then was replaced by a little bump.

By Week 10, I had learned to live with the constant state of exhaustion, the ever-present feeling of queasiness and the extreme hunger that would strike out of nowhere. But around this time, I started to have days where I had no symptoms whatsoever, and it freaked me out. Apparently, this is also totally normal and I wish I would have embraced the days I felt great instead of stressing about my sudden burst of energy. 

Pregnancy food cravings are real. And so are aversions. That's all I'll say about that.

Seeing our baby (for us, at 9 weeks) and hearing the heartbeat (at 13 weeks) for the first time was incredible. I didn't cry - I laughed! Alex and I both were in a pure state of joy to see our baby bouncing around in there. It was suddenly so real that there was a tiny human in there - a person. Life is truly a miracle! By the time we had our first ultrasound at 9 weeks, I was certainly "feeling" pregnant, but seeing that tiny miracle was the moment it all changed I think. I felt like a mommy for the first time and the feeling was amazing.

What about you? How was your first trimester? If you're currently pregnant, let me know - I want to follow others' pregnancy progress as my belly gets bigger! :)


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