Five on Friday: Lilly Sale + more

Friday, August 21, 2015

Another week down! And what a doozie! The last two weeks at work have been absolutely nuts - just two of those weeks where all of your quarterly or every-other-month meetings seem to collide, you know? Suffice it to say that it's been hectic, but everything went well - now if only I could reward myself with a nice crisp glass of Chardonnay.

The Lilly sale! The Lilly sale! What did you get? I kind of freaked out when I refreshed the page promptly at 8am and was already 27,000+ in line, but it went smoother than in years past in my opinion. Once I finally got in, I felt like I actually could breath and take a little time before compulsively checking out (plus I didn't want to get sent to the end of the line again!). I bought a few things for myself and a few gifts, including two baby Lilly outfits...just in case Baby H is a girl. If not, I'll keep them to gift to a friend. I just couldn't help it!

The Land Before Time...yep, that low-budge dino movie from our youth. Hubs and I were in Target the other day, walked past the DVDs, and there is was on the front rack for $4.50. He held it up and gave me a look that said "This is now ours." We watched it a few days ago and it's just as sad as it ever was! Flashback to the late 80s!

Last weekend, I unpacked gobs of borrowed maternity clothes from two of my besties, and y'all: they hooked. me. up. No joke, I have literally 75+ pieces of maternity clothing now - which is a good thing, since I'm rapidly growing out of my normal clothes. Most of the clothes are pretty casual so I'll probably need a few things for work, but it is such a blessing to have all the staples!

Football season is near! The college season actually kicks off on my birthday, September 3: double the fun! Alex usually goes to all of the home games here with his recruits who are in town, but I'm thinking I'll stay home most Saturdays and watch from the comfort of my air-conditioned home. Saturdays in the South + pregnancy don't play nice. I think we're going to make it down to Gainesville to catch a few Gator games this year too, which of course makes me happy! The Swamp feels like home to me!

My mom has been sending intermittent care packages for me, A and the baby and her latest this week about brought me to tears. She sent a series of children's books and they were all labeled: "My First Gamecock Book," "My First Gator Book, "My First Palmetto State Book," "My First Sunshine State Book," and so on. I love how creative she is and that Baby H already has a little library!

Happy weekend!

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  1. Oh wow, The Land Before Time brings back such great memories! My boyfriend is from the south and super into college football, so this will be my first time going through an entire season with him...can't wait!

  2. I hope you'll get to make it to the USC/Florida game since it will hopefully be cooler by the time November rolls around. Love that your mom has already started a little library for you!

  3. How did everyone know about this Lilly sale?? Yay for scoring some items! And double yay for your maternity clothes - what awesome bests you have. My mom is still sending us care packages, and the baby is two :)


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