Five on Friday: Birthday Edition

Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Friday!! So many things to be happy about today, one of which is of course that we're heading into a long weekend! And another is that it's SEPTEMBER: my favorite month. September brings my birthday, college football, all things pumpkin and fall, and (fingers crossed) slightly cooler weather. What's not to love?

Yesterday was my 31st birthday and even though I had to work, it was a great day! Hubby made it extra special for me and I went to sleep last last thinking about how good life is.

I started my birthday yesterday morning with a quick photo shoot with my bump and my pups. Yesterday was a weird day, since I had to work and then it was game day for the Gamecocks and everything in Cola shuts down! But it was still a great birthday spent with thoughtful coworkers, festive friends and a sweet husband. Alex took me out to lunch and then I got off work a teeny bit early to run home and throw together an app for a football watching party at some friends' house. 

When I got home from work, Alex surprised me with flowers and a sweet little birthday set-up in the kitchen (note the sweet potato, representing baby!). He also wowed me by swiffering, vacuuming and mopping the floors: acts of service is my love language, y'all. Best gift ever!

As quick as we could get there, we headed over to watch the Gamecocks with some friends (6pm kickoff on a Thursday is tough to make!). I brought some de-alcoholized wine so I at least felt like I was part of the festivities! And A had picked up some seriously delicious Gluten Free chocolate cupcakes from Whole Foods to share with the gang. 

When we got home late after the game, I opened my gift from Alex: these gorgeous Pandora stacking rings! I love that I can wear them alone or a few at a time. Guess I need to get a manicure now!

The best part of the day was falling asleep and feeling Baby H moving around in there! The last 3 days, I have finally felt the baby and known for sure that it's the baby (not food digesting or gas, ha!). He or she has been so active and it's amazing to feel that little babe from the inside! Life is so good and we are  so blessed.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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  1. Happy Birthday! & yay for feeling your little babe moving around :) Hope you continue to have a great birthday weekend!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday. Love the birthday display your hubby did for you and those Pandora stackable are beautiful!! So exciting to feel baby kick. I'm getting nailed in the ribs lately as I am 38 weeks along with a baby girl! Glad to have found your through the link up. xox Annie - HomeofMalones

  3. Happy belated Birthday!! Sounds like it was a wonderful day! I agree, Fall brings so many wonderful things - makes me happy :)


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