Five on Friday!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Another week bites the dust! Here are a few things making me SMILE this Friday:

If you need a good happy cry, watch this video. 9/11 remembrance + old Golden + pregnancy hormones = I'm sobbing. Where are the tissues??

I just bought this cradle/bassinet, Pottery Barn bedding, mobile and rug off a local Facebook page for $45! This is the first real purchase for baby, so it's a big deal! Can't wait to pick it up this afternoon. It might need a new paint job but for $45, I'm up for it!

Sometimes, I drive by Goodwill and it calls my name. You just never know what you can find in there, and that's what happened last weekend. On a whim, I popped in and found these vintage bronze Chinoiserie sconces that I think I'm going to paint. I also randomly found the exact doormat insert that I needed to replace the one we had that the H had faded off it! I love cheap thrills.

This is a little late, but we had a yard sale two weekends ago to get rid of the stuff that had been occupying the two closets that are in the soon-to-be nursery. I was super proud of A for parting with a lot of old golf stuff, his PlayStation, and a lot of clothes. The sale was so successful: we sold nearly everything and made almost $900!! That's a great chunk of change for the nursery, plus we ousted a ton of junk!

Tomorrow is game day #2 for the Gators. I was impressed with the big win last weekend, but it was over NM State, so who knows how we'll fare against SEC opponents beginning next weekend. All I know is that we only had ONE penalty the whole game: a marked improvement over a typical Muschamp-era game. Excited that the new Coach Mac era is here!
Happy weekending!

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