We're having a GIRL! {Our Gender Reveal}

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I guess my mom instinct isn't right on yet, because every part of me thought we were having a baby boy. In fact, everyone thought we were having a boy - except Alex! He had been saying girl all along until we got to the week of our reveal - then he flip-flopped to Boy, so I guess he was technically wrong, too!

Our gender reveal was a small affair, with just our parents and my best friend Lesley -- who surprised me by driving almost 6 hours to Columbia the night before! It was SO special to have her here for this big moment. And I really needed my bestie!

With all that had come to light in the days preceding the reveal (namely, the results of our 20-week anatomy scan), we were not feeling very festive or much like celebrating. The fact is that there are still a lot of unknowns. But after being sad and scared for a few days, Alex and I said, You know what? No matter what happens, this baby will be celebrated. Baby deserves a gender reveal and has a lot of people who loves him or her! So on we went with our little gender reveal celebration and I'm so glad we did.

Two days before the reveal, Alex and I went to a local boutique and picked out a baby boy and a baby girl outfit. We handed over the envelope with the gender result, the outfits and our credit card and came back in 15 minutes to pick up the package that would tell us if we were having a boy or a girl! (And then I had to stare at that little blue box for 2 days...)

Since the party was small and in the middle of the afternoon (in between football games), we kept it pretty simple and mostly used decorations I had on hand. But I did want to include some festive balloons and pink and blue candy to make it very "baby"!

The outfits that Alex and I came home from the hospital in many moons ago :)

After stalling for awhile (because I wasn't in a hurry to find out: I just KNEW I already knew it was a boy!), our moms told us they were anxious and had to know! So we took a deep breath and unwrapped...
The box!
Shocked. Totally shocked. 
And here's the video so you can see the reaction in action and hear my dad's awesome commentary :)

It's a GIRL!!!

My stepdad was the only one who thought it was a girl - so the rest of the group was totally surprised!
After the reveal, with all of our parents!

Parents, Lesley, Alex and I (and baby girl's sweet little outfit)

Me and Baby Girl at 20 weeks, 5 days

The girls are getting a baby sister! 

We are feeling so, so blessed by this little girl and the things she's already teaching us. Parenting really does start before the baby even arrives! We continue to pray for good results from our amnio test, and ask for your prayers for her and for us. For now, it's all pink over here as we pray for good news and think positively, and know God has it all under control!


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