Happy 9th Birthday to my Penny Anne!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This little cute face had a birthday on Sunday! I can't believe she's NINE! That makes me really sad. Can't even think about it.

Is this not the cutest puppy face ever??? (2004)
Hers a big girl now! (2013)

Anyway, she was a birthday present to me from my Mom for my 20th Birthday (which yes, means that my 29th is just around the corner). Mom bought this sweet baby for me as a bribe: see, I wanted to take "my" dog, Tucker, with me to college my sophomore year when I had an apartment off campus. But Mom had grown too attached to Tucker, and knew she needed a way to divert my attention from the fact that she was stealing my dog. Enter Penny, or "Stinky" as she was originally dubbed by the breeder.

Penny and I got off to a rough start. For a pup that weighed right at one pound for the first few weeks I had her, she was a naughty, destructive little thing. I blame myself for a lot of her antics. I should have crate trained her (or trained her at all...), but I was barely 20 years old, a college student...I had never raised a puppy on my own. So Penny was left to do as she wanted during the day, which included anything from ripping the wallpaper off the kitchen wall in my apartment to chewing up sandals. At night, I caved and let her sleep with me when she cried, so she still to this day has to sleep in the bed with us.

But after a few tough months of puppyhood, we were inseparable. 

Penny has been there with me through all of life's major milestones, with the exception of high school graduation (she was born exactly one year after I graduated). She even met Alex at the same moment that I did! She is my very best little furry friend and the puppy love of my life! Happy 9th birthday, cute face!
On her 9th Birthday (2013)

The day I got baby Penn (2004)

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