My bestie turned 30 this is this possible??

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last weekend, I flew down to Gainesville for one night (and one night only) to celebrate my best friend Lindsey's 30th birthday (which was actually on Monday).

Birthday girl!
I have known Lindsey (and her sister, my other bestie, Lesley) since their family moved to FL from NY state in middle school. It's scary when you've known someone for 17 years - just saying that makes me feel old, ha!
Old friends are the best friends

I am not sure how the years have passed so quickly: it feels like yesterday that Lindsey got her driver's license and became mine and Lesley's ride around town. And then there were the other biggies: 18, 21, 25. I have celebrated them all with this girl. But where did our 20s go? I still have a year+ until I'm 30, but it's just insane to think that it wasn't that long ago that we were celebrating 21st birthdays...and now, BAM, the 30s are here.

Sisters: Les and Lin

All I know is I am so blessed to have her for a best friend, and that I have been able to celebrate so many birthdays with her. Cheers to 30, Lin - this is going to be your best decade yet!

Photo booth fun at the birthday party

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