Update: 28 things to do while I'm 28

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Today is June 4 (obviously), which means yesterday was my "quarter birthday" - meaning I only have 3 months until the big 2-9! And only 3 months to get stuff crossed off this list. Yikes.

Here's the update on my progress!
  1. Go apple picking for the first time ever - DONE!
  2. Start baking for fun on a regular basis again  - and share with my neighbors and work peeps - some success - but I need to do it more!
  3. Discover a new TV show that Alex and I both love - Done! We've gotten into Revolution and Nashville. Can't wait for them to return in the fall!
  4. Send at least one "just because" snail mail note per month - my new stationery did not help. I really need to up the ante on this!
  5. Make my goal weight in time for my reunion (Oct. 27!!) ...and maintain it - Well this was "done" - but I gained some back. But I'm back at it again and hope to be at my goal weight again soon!
  6. Have a great time at my 10 Year High School Reunion :) - DONE!
  7. Start planning and saving for a big vacation with Alex (we're thinking Italy in 2013!) - we are leaving for Italy June 30!! CANNOT WAIT!
  8. Go on a weekend getaway to a place we've never been - we went to DC in September - even though we'd both been, we'd never been together. I'd like to go somewhere neither of us have been, though!
  9. Start and finish our engagement and wedding showers/parties/bach party/etc scrapbook - still haven't started it. I need to get on it!
  10. Send out more Christmas cards than last year - Done!
  11. Create a Household Budget and stick to it - since Alex changed jobs more than once (technically 3 times) since September, this has been next to impossible. And I will be changing jobs before my birthday because of the move. But who knows - maybe we will finally be able to draft one and commit to it. 
  12. Update my Passport with my married name - and then USE IT! -the update is DONE and I'll be using it in a few weeks when we go to Italy!
  13. Paint the Study and attach the bookcases to the wall (safety first) - since our house is For Sale, this is not going to happen! But maybe when we move into a new house??
  14. Have a Pinterest Party - Not yet but I really want to do this!
  15. Plant bulbs in the winter and watch them bloom in spring - DONE! I planted lilies :)
  16. Host more than one dinner party throughout the year - DONE! Hosted several formal and informal get-togethers (December, Easter, Memorial Day)
  17. Get rid of one piece of clothing for every one new piece purchased - Sort of doing this. Trying to be more strategic when I buy new clothes.
  18. Use our wedding china - DONE! Used at our dinner party in December and at Easter. 
  19. Organize the Golf/Work-out room and make it more usable - DONE!
  20. Run a 5K (scary - I hate running) - I officially started the Couch to 5k training program in March, but it's been tough to keep up with. Not sure if I will be really ready by September 3!
  21. Get serious about our savings - we have paid down a lot of debt and have contributed to our savings. Our tax refund helped, too!
  22. Host a big, old-fashioned summer cook-out - DONE! Memorial Day with our neighbors
  23. Learn how to play golf - Alex has promised to teach me...but still no progress (or time!)
  24. Attend a dressy/fancy event with the hubs and get all gussied up - DONE! We went to the JLG's Big Night Out in February
  25. Have a true girls' weekend - need to plan one!
  26. Build regularly scheduled massages into the budget (it's for my health, I swear. I SWEAR.) - I need to do this. For so many reasons.
  27. Be more spontaneous and try not to sweat the small stuff. Life is too short! - I'm trying! I'm such a planner that this is a hard one for me :)

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