Under contract (and under pressure)

Monday, June 17, 2013

My hiatus over the last 10 days has been for a very good reason, I assure you. Mainly - stuff is happening. Like major life stuff. I wrote a few weeks back about Alex's career move and the great opportunity he has been given at USC. Well just a mere 3 weeks after finding out that he got the job, our house in Greenville is under contract! We are closing on it July 22! WOW!

So yeah...WOW...we will be homeless in a few weeks since we don't have a place in Columbia yet.

But it will come.

This place won't be ours come July 22!

So far, God has provided every step of the way, and I know He has great plans for the rest of it (mainly finding a home and me finding a job). I have officially told my current job that my last day will be August 2, so I still have some time to find a new job, but the pressure is starting to kick in.

Speaking of, I was feeling a little overwhelmed last week. We officially went under contract on Tuesday, and Wednesday and Friday I had moving companies over to assess the situation (i.e. how much junk we own) and give us moving and packing estimates. As I took them through every nook and cranny of our home and looked in every cabinet, linen closet, and dresser, I began to realize just how much stuff we have. And most of it we don't even use. And the reality of packing it all up and moving it set in.

And then on Friday, a dear friend (and former boss) of mine lost everything she owned when her beautiful 9-year-old house burned to the ground. She and her family, thank the Lord, were not home at the time and they are all okay. A neighbor saved their dog. But they lost their cat, her car, and all of their earthly possessions in a matter of minutes when their lives went up in flames.

It really put things into perspective for me.

I felt like such a spoiled brat for being overwhelmed because I have too much. We are too blessed.

We were house hunting in Columbia on Friday (before I found out about my friend's home) and of course, we scrutinized every detail of the houses we toured (as you should when you house hunt). Too small. Not enough closet space. No formal dining room. And on and on.

And I joked about how we will be homeless come July 22 if we don't get our act together and find a house or a rental for the immediate future.

But my friend is actually homeless. She, her husband and 2 kids will be "living" in a Residence Inn until they can find a more suitable long-term situation or, worst-case, until their house has been rebuilt.

It's terrible that it takes a tragedy to realize the blessings that are all around. I am so guilty of this. 

Anyway - not to be a downer on this Monday...

The point is: we are blessed. We have too much. Yes, we have to move it and yes, moving stinks. But I have stuff to move. I have a house now and we will have some sort of living situation lined up in a few weeks. It's all good.

One day at a time, in the best of times and the worst of times.

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