2016 Goals

Friday, January 1, 2016

I feel like I literally just made my list of goals for 2015! Looking back over the goals I set for myself last year, I feel really good about most of them. Some of the highlights: I went gluten free in January and haven't looked back. I completed the Jesus Calling daily devotional on December 31 and loved it. I did yoga every day (and got hooked on Bikram)...until I found out I was pregnant - then I gave it all up! I hired a housekeeper to deep-clean once a month (a gamechanger, y'all). I really did take matters into my own hands for my health on the Crohn's and fertility front, and didn't have a flare all year and got pregnant!

But there are other things that I didn't really get around to, so they've rolled over to the 2016 list -- along with some brand new goals.


  • Continue a reading my Bible daily and protecting my quiet time each morning
  • Take the steps to join the church we've found in Columbia

Health and Wellness: 

  • Stay Gluten Free - it's working!
  • Start Bikram Yoga again after I have the baby and when my body is up for it
  • Be a healthy mom and get back to my pre-pregnancy size (or better) by getting outdoors more

For me:

  • Sit down and relax more (Alex is always telling me this, so listen to him!)
  • Make more time for sewing, crafts and "projects"
  • Get caught up on my scrapbooks (so behind here!)
  • Organize my digital files and photos for peace of mind

For loved ones:

  • Be a better wife: make more time for me and A (and for A in general), and have patience
  • Be a better friend/daughter/granddaughter/sister: make time for the people I love. Call them even when I don't have the time for an hour-long conversation. It's worth it!
  • Learn how to be a mom: with Hope coming early this year, I will be starting off the new year right away with the biggest challenge of my life. I am nervous to learn how to parent and juggle everything else in life, but welcome the challenge. I can't wait for the things I'll learn in this year ahead! 

Ready to embrace this new year and absolutely thrilled to see what it has in store!


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