Things people say to pregnant women

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Never, ever is it okay to comment on a woman's size. But when people see a pregnant woman, they say things that they would never say under any other circumstance. I've always known this and heard this, but I had to capture some of the more memorable comments I've gotten over the last few months. Some of them were quite nice. And some...were just hilarious.


"You are TINY!" - why, thank you! I will take that as a compliment.

"What? You're only 7 weeks from your due date? No way, you look great!" - I guess when you're that close you should start to look haggard?? But thanks!

"Wait - you're pregnant?" - um, yep. Not a beer gut. 

"You look great!" - there's really nothing more a pregnant lady wants to hear

"WOW, you're due SOON!" (Said when I was 8 weeks from d-day) - don't worry, if my water breaks, I'll aim away from your shoes. 

"I thought you must be pregnant because your face is too skinny for you to be obese." - a server at an upscale restaurant. Ummmm, thank you??

"Hey, skinny!" - an usher at Christmas Eve service, said while staring at my belly. Not sure what to make of this one!

"That shirt makes you look...PREGNANT." - thanks, Mom

"You STILL haven't had that baby?" - is it that I look huge or that you have no concept of time?

"You're having a baby next week?? You don't look 9 months pregnant..." - said with disbelief and a little disgust by a HomeGoods employee. Yes ma'am, I'm lying to you for kicks.

"Your life is about to change." - everyone. REALLY? I had no idea. I may not be able to fathom just how much, but I do know that life is about to change. And I'm ready for it! I can't wait.


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