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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey ladies! Good Monday to you all! Today I am taking part in a brand new (well, almost brand new - it's week 2) link-up hosted by Love. Laughter. Happy Ever After and Simply Free!

Coffee & Conversation

This week's question is:

What is one of the most valuable lessons you have learned this year so far?

This year has already brought several good, old fashioned life lessons to our house. If you've been reading my blog for any time at all, you know that the Hubs made another career change in January. This is following a career change he made in September last year. Not job changes: full-on career changes. 

In the span of 5 months, Alex went from being a professional golfer, to selling medical equipment, to an assistant golf coach for a men's collegiate team. These changes have brought a series of highs and lows to our home, and to me personally. 

As a touring pro, Alex was traveling all the time and away from home a lot, but I was used to it: it was what he had done since I had met him. Although he enjoyed it (most of the time), it was stressful because the money was unpredictable and entirely based on how he - and those he was playing against - played that week. Plus, he was gone a lot on the weekends and we planned most everything around his tournament schedule.

When he was in medical sales, he was home from work each night before I was. We ate dinner together every night. We could make plans on the weekends because he never had to work on Saturday or Sunday. Plus, he was making good money and for the first time in our marriage, we were both salaried. Although there were a lot of perks with this job, he hated it. Within 3 months, he knew he wanted out. 

So he took a plunge - rather, we took a plunge into collegiate coaching. I say "we" because it is truly a sacrifice for both of us. We are back to living on one income (mine), since he is getting paid right now in room, board, education and experience. We are once again in a long distance relationship, something we did for a few years before we got married. The things I have come to know and love in our 1 year, 8 months of marriage, like cooking big dinners every week night, going to church together every Sunday, and yes, even doing his laundry - are on hold right now. But he is so happy, y'all. He misses me and the dogs, of course. But I hear the happiness in his voice every time I talk to him. And it's worth it. 

All this to say that the lesson I've learned is that marriage isn't about what I want. It's what we want, it's what's best for us in the long run, and it's about making decisions together. I would be lying if I told you I joyfully exclaimed, "Yes darling, move to Georgia for an undetermined amount of time! And give up your salary! Great idea, I am SO PUMPED!" Yeah, 'cause I definitely didn't say that. I pouted. I cried. But I came around. Because in the end, this is the best decision for what we both want out of life in the long run. 



  1. what an amazing sacrifice you have given as a wife!!! my hubby and i have conversed about the same situations and neither of us know how we would actually respond if it were to happen! wishing yall much success and hope that eventually youll be able to have those nightly dinners again :)

  2. That's so sweet of you. You know my favorite thing about this post was that you admitted that you pouted and cried. I would have done the same thing. Takes a woman to admit that!

  3. How strong you are! I know the reward will be great and that The Lord has great plans for you! :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! Marriage is indeed about making decisions and choices together. SO glad you linked up with us. Can't wait to explore your blog more :)

  5. Such a great post! We have had some similar situations in my marriage and although it's very hard it really comes down to whats best for the marriage and family. Stay strong and best wishes for you and your husband! Can't wait to read more posts!


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