It's the little things

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I get what seems to be an unhealthy level of pleasure from the smallest, teeniest, tiniest things in life. Maybe you can relate?

Let me explain:

- Cleaning out the lint trap from the dryer: there is something amazing about the little sheet of fluff that you get from the dryer. I especially like it when I do a load of clothes in the red/pink/orange family and the lint is soft and fluffy and pink.

you know you like it, too.
- Taking out the trash and recycling every Monday: bye bye, garbage. I don't know where it goes but I know it's not in my house anymore.

- Finishing a bottle of shampoo/conditioner/body wash/etc: what is it about FMCG (for all you marketing majors) that gets me? I love finishing a product and then getting to start on a new one.

- Using a pen until the ink completely runs out: I'm not one to misplace pens, so this actually happens quite frequently for me.  Of course, I only like it when I have another pen on standby.

- Writing checks and paying bills online: not that I like to see our money do a disappearing act, but I like the satisfaction of knowing our bills are paid and have been dealt with.

- Changing the page on the calendar each month: I feel so accomplished when I can put another month behind me. I get the same happy feeling every day (but on a smaller scale) when I cross off the previous day in my planner. 

please note the golden retriever calendar we have in our study. nerds.

- Vacuuming: but only when you can actually see the vacuum marks in the carpet. Low-pile carpet is no fun.

- Cleaning out my inbox: this goes for work and personal email. I have loads of folders in my email to organize everything. The fewer the emails in my inbox, the happier I am.

-Crossing off things on my to-do list (and making to-do lists in the first place): when I'm feeling frazzled, the first thing I want to do is make a list. For any reason. Work stuff, packing list, things I need to buy or get rid of, you name it. And when I get to cross an item off, I feel so. much. better.

Now that you think I am a complete weirdo...what pleasures do you take from the little things in life?


  1. I'm the exact same way about little things and just about wrote this post! haha

  2. I love turning the page to a new month on my calendar, too.

  3. I agree with some of these simple pleasures but not all of them. I love cleaning out the lint trap (or I would if I had a dryer!). And crossing off something on my to do list fills me with such joy. I love using a pen until the ink runs out!

    But vacuuming never brings me joy.

  4. I agree with all of this and was pretty sure I was the only person who felt this way :) So thanks for making me feel 'less' weird!

  5. OMG... EVERYONE looks at me as if I am weird when I tell them that I LOVE to finish things (i.e. pen ink, shampoo bottles, etc)

    THANK YOU for posting this1

    XO Lourdes

  6. You are definitely not alone on this one. I always make lists for everything and absolutely love it when you get a fresh calendar to start off with! Not to mention that i'm just waiting for my favorite pen to run out so that I can start using this other one that I found.

    At least we're weird in good company ;-)


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