Happy 2nd Birthday to our home!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Two years ago today, we were sitting in a lawyer's office, signing our lives away, and assuming loads of debt. Two years ago today, we closed on our first house!

Under contract! November 2010
Alex and I made the decision to build our home rather than to buy an existing home because the prices were just too good to be true for new construction: it was 2010 and the residential market was still dismal (from sellers' perspective, anyway).

Before we got engaged, we had talked about buying a home once we were married rather than renting. We found our neighborhood the weekend we got engaged (we wasted no time, my friends!), and toured the model and one existing home in the neighborhood.

Within about 30 days, were under contract and had selected our floorplan and alllllll the decisions that go along with building a house: floors, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, exterior colors, and other options out the wazoo.

It was so much fun seeing our home come to life week after week. I drove out to our neighborhood every Sunday to document the progress.

All framed out: January 2011

When we closed in March, I was the only one who moved in, so Penny and I had the place to ourselves until the wedding in July. Then Alex moved in when we got married, and Ellie moved in a few months later :)
Starting to take shape! It looks like a house! February 2011

We love our home so much and for so many reasons. I have no idea how long we will live here, but it will always be the first home we shared, and for that, I will always love it.

Proud homeowners: March 18, 2011

Feels like home - so shiny and new! March 2011

March 2013: This is home! Two years later, our tree and shrubs are much bigger,
and we've added a deck and a fence, a bunch of neighbors, and a million memories.

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