It's a House Divided

Thursday, August 30, 2012

When I was little, I dreamed about the man I would marry. I pictured a handsome guy who opened doors for me, took me out on nice dates, and loved me unconditionally. I also pictured a Gator fan. Well, 4 out of 5 ain't bad I guess.

Yes, I am a die-hard Gator girl: I grew up in Florida cheering for my Gators, and it was only natural that I chose UF for college. I loved it so much I went back for grad school. And then I met a South Carolina graduate who is as much a Gamecock as I am a Gator, and I had to go and fall in love and everything. Sigh. What's the worst that could happen when two worlds collide, right?

Since both our teams play in the SEC, it's inevitable that our teams will play once a year. And on that Saturday each year, we don't speak. Just kidding, sort of - the truth is, we usually sit across the stadium from each other (for realz) or we do something totally random, like the year we went to the movies during the game instead.

giving each other a hard time last year at the game in Columbia

Overall, we have come to appreciate and respect each other, and we just thank the Lord that the other is not a Florida State Seminole or Clemson Tiger (not hatin', just sayin'!). Therefore, Penny has both a Gator and a Gamecock cheerleading uniform to don while watching games, and I'm sure Ellie will acquire some sort of equal-opportunity game day bandana or collar before long. We try to go to at least one Florida and one USC home game each year. And we really do cheer for each other's team (except for that one Saturday every year).

tiny Gator princess

And starting's College Football season, y'all! I get pretty into into it, not gonna lie. 
in a nutshell...

New for our house this year is a fancy-dancy dual-team wreath for our front door. I really struggled with what to do about the team pride situation. Have 2 wreaths and swap out every few days during football season? Stay totally neutral? Fly two mini flags out front to announce our allegiance? Then I perused Etsy and got the idea for this House Divided wreath and went to town. 

team spirit!

Now our neighbors will have no doubt who we cheer for in this house. They might be confused as to how this partnership ever came to be; alas, I love my Carolina boy and he loves his Florida girl. It might not be a match made in college football heaven, but we live happily in our house divided.

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