February Challenge Week 1: it's happening...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Well lovelies, I am officially on the "get my butt back in gear" train! Next stop: Healthyville! Ha. (Bear with me, it's Friday afternoon). Anyway, it's in motion. It's happening.

This week, I stuck to my goal of working out/being active at least 3 times and recording my daily intake of calories.

My work outs/activities for the week were:
- Sunday - took Ellie on a realllly long walk - good for both of us!
- Tuesday - walked/ran on the treadmill after work
- Wednesday - walked/ran on the treadmill before work

I almost had a minor breakdown on Tuesday when I attempted to get on the treadmill for the first time in months and the flipping TV in that room wouldn't come on. I was PANICKING because I was losing motivation fast. It was too cold and too dark to go outside, and I really just wanted to get on the treadmill and not think about it anymore. Good news - the TV finally started working and the crisi was averted! :)

As for my calories: I recorded my intake every day, for the first time since late October. It felt good to carefully measure out my portions and know what I was putting in my body. I can't say that I came in under my daily goal each day - but that's okay! The first step is knowing what you're eating.
so, so true

So there you go - my first week of getting my butt in gear. I hope your first week of February was awesome! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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