Friday's Letters & a sneak peek

Friday, February 22, 2013

Heck yes - it's Friday! Get excited!


Dear Alex: I really don’t like this long-distance thing. I miss you all the time: when I wake up, when I get home from work, when I eat dinner, when I go to bed. But I am so proud of you and I know you are loving your new gig! It will lead to great things for us, I just know it.

Dear house: I am on a rampage lately, I know. But in a good way. I have the décor bug and all I want to do is update, redecorate, clean,and make you pretty!

Dear Ellie: I’m trying to be sweet to you by letting you sleep in our room about half of the nights in each week. But if you continue to wake me up 7+ times a night, I’ll be forced to leave you in your crate. You’ve been warned.

Dear Penny: sorry for letting Ellie sleep in our room…I know that’s your territory…

Dear winter: I know a lot of people are giving you a hard time already, but I’m not over you. Not yet. I know that it won’t be too long before I we’re all complaining about how hot it is.

Dear fabric store: eeeeeek! I am in love. And now that Ihave a sewing machine, you better WATCH OUT! I just wish your fabrics weren’t so expensive. Probably a good thing or I would be buying a lot more…

Dear followers: thanks for being patient with me and my lack of posts lately. Honestly, I haven’t had much to say in the past few weeks, and I don’t want to post something just to post if that makes sense. Thanks for your comments, your loyalty, and for reading – it means SO much and you make me smile!

What is everyone doing this weekend? Here is a little sneak peek of a project I am working on and hope to have completed this weekend:

Intrigued? I'll be sharing as soon as it's done! Can't wait!

Have a fabulous weekend, dears!


  1. You handle your hunnie being away well! I'd probably freak. Lol.

  2. I always have a hard time sleeping when my hubby isn't home so I let the dogs sleep in our room. Until they bark at something randomly or start licking their paws in the middle of the night. Have fun on your sewing project, can't wait to see it!

  3. I am seriously contemplating buying a sewing machine because I have so many house projects I want to do. I know it can't be fun not having your husband there everyday, but you have such a great attitude about it!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Looks pretty! Congrats on a sewing machine...that's on my one day wish list!

  5. Yay for a sewing machine! I buy some of my fabrics online, so check out EBay too. Do you have a Jo Ann fabrics nearby? They always have coupons and cheap cute fabrics!

  6. What a uber cute blog you have! I am a new follower! I bet you miss your hubby like crazy but I bet it is all gonna be worth it girl! I too have the decorating bug in our house and am about to order new furniture have the hubs paint, new projects awwwww Pinterest lol! I laughed about the puppy situation we are about to get one and I'm sure she will be in our bed as well lol! Cute blog post and those fabrics are so cute I can't wait to see what you are making! Have fun!


  7. i'm on a rampage too! but unfortunately i don't have a whole house. so i just keep cleaning, reorganizing and rearranging my room over and over. and as much as i am looking forward to spring, i really like when it's cold. and i will totally start complaining when it gets hot.


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