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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday is here - Friday is tomorrow! That's reason enough to get happy, right? I haven't done a "It's OK" Thursday in a while, so I thought today needed one!

It's OK...
  • that all my Crohn's medications are interfering with my laser hair removal treatments! [I've been getting treatments on my underarms for nearly 2 years now and the difference is amazing!] I'm about done with the treatments anyway, but it's annoying that Crohn's is now interfering with beauty and health, sheesh!
  • that we might have the only Golden Retriever in America that does not have an interest in food. Ellie just is not interested in eating. She's underweight so she needs to gain weight. We've tried different foods, enhancing the food with milk/treats, and other tactics...what can I say, she's high maintenance. 
My skinny, silly girl!
  • that I have found I have more free time before and after work without my sweet husband in the house :)  No offense honey - and you know I miss you like crazy -  but I am getting a lot done around the house these days! :)
  • that I completely missed the window of opportunity to plant spring-blooming bulbs like tulips (as I had listed on my 28 things to do when I'm 28 list) and had to opt for late spring/early summer lilies instead
  • to demand that Alex still watch all of our our shows while we're apart so we can talk about them later (i.e. Nashville - LOVE that show!)
  • to be super excited to get all dressed up for a black tie event this weekend! My hubby looks good in a tux :)
  • that our Study is still a nightmare and cluttered and messy and has way too much stuff in it.
  • that I still haven't used the sewing machine that I begged for and got for Christmas. It's still in the box...
  • to feel like home improvement projects will never cease - there will always be something else I want to do to our home!

Have a fantastic Thursday, loves!

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. I have a few home improvement projects I want to accomplish this year and I haven't even started!

  2. I wish I could give Ellie some of my dog's appetites, they won't stop eating!
    I have quite a few home improvement projects that I am no where near close to getting done.

  3. Poor Ellie! I know how you feel though--my cat, Toby, is the most high maintenance cat I have ever met. On top of that, he's probably clinically retarded so that doesn't help :/

    I finally found a food that works for him...Hill's Science Nutrition for sensitive stomach. Good luck with finding Ellie's magic food!

    Stopping by and following from the linkup :)

    Jaime @ http://tobystailsblog.blogspot.com


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