Wintry weekend

Monday, February 18, 2013

I spent the weekend down in Macon with my hubby and got to see where he is currently living, working and studying (!). Although he had to work a lot on Saturday, we still got to spend some quality time together and have a little belated Valentine's Day dinner on Friday night.

All winter long, I have been longing for the white stuff to come our way. Ya know, a little bit of snow. So wouldn't you know that on Saturday, when I was 3.5 hours South, the snow came to Greenville. Now, the two biggest reasons that I wanted snow this year was 1) our house has been built for 2 years now and I've never seen it covered in snow and 2) Ellie has never seen snow!

I kept seeing friends' pics on FB and Instagram and it was clear that we got a really good snow, like several inches. I was so sad that we weren't there to see it! Furthermore, Ellie was at the boarder in Greenville for the weekend, so she saw it for the first time without us there to see her reaction. Bummer.

So on Sunday, we got up early because Alex had to work anyway, and I hit the road, trying to make it home before all the glorious snow melted. This is what I came home to!

A lot of it had already melted, but at least I got to see the yard covered in a perfect white blanket of snow. :) As for the pups: I couldn't get them from the groomer until the afternoon, and by then, almost all of it had melted. But there are still a few patches left in the backyard that Ellie enjoyed playing in.

I can't help but hope that we get just one more snowfall this year (when I am actually in town to see it falling!). Then my winter will be complete and I will welcome spring with open arms! 


  1. WOW! Snow in the south?! Crazy what this cold front is doing!

  2. We were shocked we got snow, too! Our yard still had some in it this morning surprisingly and our snowmen are still there!

  3. The pictures of the snow at your home are beautiful. And snow is always pretty the first day. It's the second day that it gets kind of old. Hope you're having a great day.


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