January Challenge {Organize & Purge} round-up!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hey there, friends. I am back from my work trip to Vegas - what a whirlwind! I'll do a quick post on my trip soon. Right now, I am exhausted and very thankful that it's Friday!

It seems that we have come to the end of January. 2013 is already 1/12 over. Wow. Anyway...that also means that my first monthly challenge of the year is also over. My month of Purging and Organizing.

Truth be told, purging and organizing is something that I do year-round, as I should. But I do better in getting things done when I have a specific goal and deadline. Don't we all?

The last week of the month, I added a ton of things to the "get rid of" pile. (Which, by the way, is alarmingly large. Now I need to clean out the guest room. Ha.) Here's what I added:
  1. Tons of costume jewelry. And I organized my jewelry box while I was at it. All I can say is that I'm an earring addict and I'm not ashamed to admit it. 
  2. Those dead plants in my garage that I mentioned at the beginning of the challenge.
  3. A generic quilt that I don't need because I have so many quilts that actually mean something to me. 
  4. An assortment of picture frames.
  5. Dozens of BRIDES magazines that I was saving for the next friend that gets engaged...but come on, the styles will probably be totally different by then. And I am still getting new issues in the mail! I got married a year and a half ago...
  6. Some books that I either didn't like or haven't ever bothered to read. 
  7. A whole bag full of hair ribbons/ties/etc. from college. When ribbons were in for like 5 minutes.
  8. Misc. toiletry and make-up items from under the sink and my linen closet.
  9. More clothes - I am hoping to take them to a consignment shop very soon!
Remember how I was also supposed to tackle 4 problem areas in our house this month? The study, garage, craft closet and golf room? I am very proud to say that the craft closet and golf room got total makeovers. They are now fully functional, clean and organized spaces in our home.

The study and garage got minor facelifts. Some of the big issues were taken care of, but they aren't quite done and definitely not totally organized. But in my defense, I also didn't know my husband would be moving to Georgia this month when I started this challenge, and those two areas are kinda his domain. I plan to take on the Study in February and take it back, now that the hubby doesn't need that space for work anymore. I have big plans for that room. Stay tuned for that!

All in all, this month's challenge was a success. I learned that we have way too much stuff, of course. And by actively seeking out something to get rid of every day, it made me realize how much stuff we just plum don't need! Plus, organizing anything makes me happy. I am that big of a nerd.

So what's my next challenge for the month of February? I'll share with you tomorrow! :)

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  1. You have done awesome! I'm proud of you! I'm going to tackle our office in February!


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