January challenge: purge & organize

Friday, January 4, 2013

If you missed my 2013 Monthly Challenge intro, see it here.

Challenge #1 of 12 for 2013: Get rid of stuff we don't need and organize the stuff we do.

I had a hard time deciding what I wanted my first Monthly Challenge of the year to be. I was torn between two:
  1. Get rid of something every day
  2. Organize something every day
So I combined the two!

This month, my challenge is to get rid of one thing every day AND to organize four main problem areas in our home:
  1. The Study: mainly Alex's desk and helping him find a system that works, but also my desk and the bookshelves.
  2. The Golf Room: where Alex keeps his golf and hunting gear, and where our treadmill and workout stuff lives.
  3. My Craft Closet: a closet in one of the guest rooms where I keep my scrapbooking supplies and crafty goodness. It needs some help. 
  4. The Garage: messy and has a lot of stuff that needs to GO.
Now let me clarify the "get rid of one thing everyday" part: this can mean I am throwing away something that needs to be thrown away (such as the dead potted plants in the garage I've been avoiding since Fall), or I'm selling it (such as the handbags that I plan to put on eBay or consign), or I'm donating it. In an effort to get rid of as much stuff as possible, I'm not going to "cheat" and count one potted plant for today and one for tomorrow, because really I'm only cheating myself if I do that.

Make sense? Good. It's easy enough and to be honest, in this new year I'm itching to get started on all my organizing projects and to get rid of excess junk.

I'll post an update each week so you can hold me accountable - I'm serious, y'all! HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE. All year, through all 12 challenges. I need you.

Now let the fun begin.

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