It's OK Thursday and other thoughts (The Bachelor)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello there, friends - it's Thursday, meaning tomorrow is Friday, meaning the weekend is just about in reach. This week has lasted AT LEAST 9 days already. I guess because it's my first full work week in almost a month? Bleh.


The highlight of my week (other than the hubby turning 30!) has definitely been the return of The Bachelor!! That is my #1 guilty pleasure. I know it's partly staged, partly insane, and partly ridiculous, but I love it. I used to read spoilers, but I stopped because it, well, spoiled the fun for me each week when I knew what was going to happen. It's too soon to tell who will go all the way (no pun intended) but some of my faves are AshLee (the professional organizer - um, can I have her job please?? And her perfectly organized closet? Heaven!), Lesley (the girl who works in DC and brought the football), wedding dress girl - not sure of her name (I know she was wasted and hello, she wore a wedding dress, but I think she could have a cute sense of humor), and possibly Desree (the girl who works in the bridal salon). So we shall see, ladies - it's a brand new season! What did you think of the premiere?

Moving on! It's OK...
  • to still be enjoying the leftover ice cream cake from Alex's birthday. Maybe a little too much.
  • to not want to cook because I haven't really had to cook in weeks due to the holidays. I need to get back in the swing of things. 
  • that we got really excited when we realized all of our fave shows came back this week! (Either we don't get out much or we're just that lame). 
  • that I've splurged lately on a lot of stuff for myself. New purse, online Lilly sale, etc. I had "Christmas money" but still, I feel guilty (see below).
  • that we haven't really started saving for our Italy trip yet because unexpected, large expenses keep coming up (like my medical bills and the recent $700 tune-up/repair on Alex's car)
  • to have the decorating bug and want to re-do every room in my house for no good reason. Dang you, PB Spring catalog and Pinterest!!
  •  to feel slightly overwhelmed when I look at the calendar for the next couple of weeks and see all that is going on - but to also be excited about all the friends we're going to see!
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